Today I cut my Nails

Honestly I hate short nails! They got dirty too often! It’s hard to tear open snacks! I am not use to it! And its hard to create disigns from short nails! Right? 

Today, I did cut my nails because I didn’t noticed I was biting it. Which is my habit if I don’t have nail polish on my nails by the way~ and so one of my nails broke. Then, I said to myself I am gonna cut this shit when I go home. Then I forgot. The next day, another one broke. ‘Cause I  am so bored at the office while on a meeting, and I didn’t noticed I was biting it again. Bummer! Then, finally decided to cut them off! 

Its just sad that my nails will become longer after 2-3weeks.

Anyway, I tried to create a design with my short nails using the stamping tools. It’s crazy that I didn’t noticed that having short nails are so cute 😊

Hope you guys love it…as I am starting to like having short nails. 


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