Hi guys!!!

I have never been more excited when I freaking saw HOLO from Bobbie Bloom Collection!!! They’re so pretty.

HOLO Nail polishes is so rare to find from where I live, so I am so happy.

How opaque is your HOLO? Go see my tutorial posted in my youtube account and on my Instagram account @yeppeunails 💕


• AZALEA – HOLO is so beautiful!!!! It actually very easy to be opaque using make up sponge.

• PETUNIA – It’s like a very light unicorn flakies…I hope the flakes are bigger though! But anyway…it’s still pretty.

Product used:

• OMG Nail Polish Peel off base coat – I use it as a liquid latex for my cuticles, and it work perfectly.

• Bobbie Bloom Collection

• Bobbie Fast Dry Top Coat

Not a sponsored video.

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Nails are my CANVAS

Recently, I’ve been thinking of creating Youtube Video Tutorials. But then, I do not have the right equipments. But I ‘ve been posting my nailart tutorials on my IG account @bhiesuyosa. I also wanted to create a new Instagram account only for my NailArt. Hmmmm….should I or should I not? I really been wanting a lot of people to notice what I love to do. And that is painting my nails. But you know, there’s this fear of dissapointment that I might fail at this. And my heart is not ready for that. I’ve always been this quiet competative person, and there’s tons of nail art artist who are so great they even got sponsors. I wanted it too…but you know…Fear has always been my enemy and not my inspiration. But anyway, enough with the f*cking DRAMA. Here’s my nails for the week 😊❤️

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Click on the link below to watch the tutorial: 

Paris Themed Nail Art | Contest Entry

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Anyway, here’s the new design…

I created this Paris themed nails to join OMG Polish’s Paris Nail Art Contest…though I am not that confident that I’ll win, I still tried. 😻

“What do you think?” Hahahahaha. Sounds familiar? I’m a fan as well.

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STAMP | Wallpaper

The easiest way to do your nails is using a stamping plate. Though it may vary on designs and color combinations, it would still be beautiful 😊

Last weekend, I went Festival Mall (Alabang, PH). There's a newly openned Korean store called XIMISO. They have these amazing products which cause only 99 pesos (roughly 2 dollars). But what capture my eyes is this wonderful Nail Polish. Its not HOLO though. 😭

Anyway, I made another video tutorial.
Click on the link below to watch 😊
Hope you enjoy💅🏻💖


Hi everyone!!! As I’ve said with my previous blog, I’ve been watching Simply Nailogical channel in youtube. And I love how she did gradient nails. So I decided to create Reverse Gradient nails (I don’t kniw if thats the correct term), but hey! Feel free to comment down below if you know what this called:

Beautiful!!! It matches with my denim jacket 😊

I used a nail tape to do this. I wish K can record a video but my camera sucks at video recording!!! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to open a channel in youtube 😊 


Hi everyone!!! I was looking for mermaid scales or fish scales but they’re no where to find here in PH. So I decided to just use the lace stamping design! Hope you guys love it!!

I simply used the sponge technique with my Blue Glitter Polish and Silver polish. Then add the Lace design (Since I can’t find the mermaid stamp design or the nail vinyls. If any of you guys know where to find them here in Philippines, please comment down below 😊). Then finally add a quick dry top coat. Glitter polish are mesmerizing right?!

Recently, I’ve been adicted to Simply Nailogical Channel in Youtube!!! She’s so fun to watch. And I learned a lot!!! Hope I can also find holo polish!!! 😊💅🏻❤️

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