Nails are my CANVAS

Recently, I’ve been thinking of creating Youtube Video Tutorials. But then, I do not have the right equipments. But I ‘ve been posting my nailart tutorials on my IG account @bhiesuyosa. I also wanted to create a new Instagram account only for my NailArt. Hmmmm….should I or should I not? I really been wanting a lot of people to notice what I love to do. And that is painting my nails. But you know, there’s this fear of dissapointment that I might fail at this. And my heart is not ready for that. I’ve always been this quiet competative person, and there’s tons of nail art artist who are so great they even got sponsors. I wanted it too…but you know…Fear has always been my enemy and not my inspiration. But anyway, enough with the f*cking DRAMA. Here’s my nails for the week 😊❤️

Thank you guys for your likes ❤️🤗

Click on the link below to watch the tutorial: 


B E A C H 2017


So I went to the beach. I know summer is already over here in PH but, its never too late 😊

Here’s my summer nails for 2017…

Its a turquoise insipired nailart. And it looks like a back of a turtle? What do you guys think?

Anyway, so we went to this beautiful place called Casa Amara. The place is so relaxing 😊 and the colors kinda matches my nails!

Check my instagram account @bhiesuyosa to view all the beautiful photos of the resort 👌🏻