B E A C H 2017


So I went to the beach. I know summer is already over here in PH but, its never too late 😊

Here’s my summer nails for 2017…

Its a turquoise insipired nailart. And it looks like a back of a turtle? What do you guys think?

Anyway, so we went to this beautiful place called Casa Amara. The place is so relaxing 😊 and the colors kinda matches my nails!

Check my instagram account @bhiesuyosa to view all the beautiful photos of the resort 👌🏻

2017 | B L U E

This just inspires me. The design is like the O C E A N. I wanted to have the Fish Scale design, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find them near me… Anyway, this design is a combination of Marble and Nail Stamping. Don’t forget to hit that L I K E button. 🙂